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Is That a Pistol in Your Pocket?

Oh, you’re not wearing pants. Or a shirt.

Robb, I think he’s taking pants-free a little too far.

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The World’s Fashion Industry Is Mourning

Trendsetter Moammar Gaddafi has assumed room temperature.

Now he can join Osama bin Laden on I Got Shot in the Facebook.

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Meanwhile, Across the Pond in La La Land

A compost tool is an “offensive weapon.”

Have common sense and sanity been entirely banished from the UK?


It was a rhetorical question.

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Yes, the Country Will Be Safer Now

It’s not like he, oh, murdered a bunch of people. I thought loaded guns had the ability to turn calm, mild-mannered people into cold-blooded killers.

Of course, there’s still the matter of the donkey.

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Anti-Gun Bigots, International Edition

The Duck over at MADDENED FOWL linked to a couple stories that would have the anti-gun bigots drooling.

The first story has an amusing description of semi-automatic fire as used by mythical “assault weapons.” It also manages to seriously address problems the BATFEIEIO has breaking up gun trafficking networks. Did I seriously just write that?

Smuggling Ammo from U.S. to Mexico All Too Easy

The second story advocates using the UN to disarm civilians in South Sudan. If we could get rid of all of the guns, the people would be easier to control.

Only the UN can offer sustainable disarmament of civilians in South Sudan

And Speaking of Anti-Gun Bigots

Disney has joined Steven Spielberg in banishing guns from a classic.

In this case, Disney replaced a shotgun with a broom in a 1938 Mickey Mouse cartoon.

Boomsticks are threatening. Broomsticks, not so much.

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Kids and Guns

Oh, the huge manatee!

How to be a Retronaut has a great photo essay by Life Magazine of a gun safety class at an Indiana school in 1956. Those boys look like they’re enthralled.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with learning gun safety in school. Now, however, thanks to anti-gun bigots, a student who merely draws a picture of a gun can get into serious trouble.

Link courtesy of Snowflakes in Hell, who awarded the Internets to a commenter for this gem:

Where on earth are the girls? Cooking class?
Ugh, the fifties.

Dropped Guns Are a Pain in the Buttocks

Forrest Gump was not available for comment.

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It’s Not a Pistol, It’s Not a Rifle, It’s Not an AOW

It just is.

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